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The Elegance Bund Hotel (Shanghai Yilanguisi Jiudian) is located near the Bund,  only about five minutes on foot.
Variously sized rooms are on offer by this Shanghai hotel. All rooms are equipped with 24-hour hot water,  international direct dial phones,  safes and fridges.
There is a Chinese restaurant and lobby bar for hungry guests.

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住客评论 2333条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • guyii
    Help a friend, said feel-good, location was good
  • pudding123go
    In General, the price in Shanghai and that the
  • e04657159
    Very warm, good
  • Cesbalderson
    Around convenience, Metro has to walk 20 minutes
  • meimei415702
    Still OK
  • joey133
    Room was a bit small but good location, go to the Bund and Nanjing Road has been very close!
  • dearsy
    Location does good, because is with 70 above of parents to play, so select away from Bund is near of a hotel, walk to Bund, if is young words, 10 minutes around on to has. but hotel of facilities, is can't compliment, too old too old, TV screen are not clear, corridor of decoration make have like k pulled OK of aisle as, is not looks. at a to room on has a wants to for hotel of impulse has, but because away from Bund near, endure has. noise also poor, hasOnce I a man back to the hotel from the outside, in the hallway, heard a couple of vocalizations right not and parents come together, if not really embarrassing! anyway, has never stayed this hotel next time.
  • sdw1017
    Advantages from the Bund near. shortcomings, the door turn off the loose, must be pulled or pushed along with a bang. two bathrooms are glass doors, no shelter, very embarrassed. three small rooms. four taps, shower head. five soundproofing is poor. This is what I live for so many years in the hotel is very poor.
  • sxysjy
    Traffic is not very good, Guangdong road was too narrow. old town there is no way, not many places to eat around. nice facilities. is some distance away from the subway.
  • flyingspide
    Rooms were stale, the window seems to be open towards the stairs of a community, a bit noisy, overall okay
  • ben111748
    Good Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
  • jxc_2003sg
    Hotel Nanjing Road, the Bund, City God Temple is so close and the rooms were nice, but a little small, and safe! nice! very convenient!
  • doneedn
    Convenient ... Environment is good also ... In General can also ...
  • cconnie
    Just so, the room is too small
  • sdd-cyndi
    He m, pictures and real difference too much, it really is too bad bad bad bad, only dozens of youth hostels! the store's cheating wife too serious
  • aaaaaaaaa9
    That's good
  • LANMENG72637
    A good environment, from the Bund, also close every evening walk to the Bund at night, walk to Nanjing Road ... very convenient!
  • jesselei5138
    In addition to location near the Bund, unable to find other advantages
  • ensurelin
    Hardware in the hotel is a bit old, and as a Senior Executive, the window is too small, carpet is not clean enough, towel threads are gone from. Although great hardware to catch up with, air conditioning is not controlled, transferred to the lowest temperatures, still feel hot. servo attitude quite well.
    And we think it's great!
  • Dengfengvip
    Trip to Shanghai-PuTuo-Ningbo, the hotel really the most expensive of the three places is the worst the family, other than the location near the Bund, old facilities, the feel of the room was a bit dark and damp, dust is not wiped clean, toilet surprisingly dirty, men at the front desk reception seemed indifferent, hope I can improve!
  • dxf1688
    Well, friends book, highly recommended
  • aitpingli
    Very good location, just on the edge of the Bund
  • abner00
    A very good environment
  • cyxstar
    Hotel location is good, to where are is convenient, away from Nanjing Road Street is near, walk 15 minutes, to Bund walk not to 5 minutes. room also is good, although because is specials room, within window, slightly somewhat noisy, but live of is satisfaction, almost of price, than in Beijing live of many has, air-conditioning very foot, in room are without open air conditioning of.
  • goujuanjuan
    Not far from Nanjing Road, parking not convenient, the room didn't drop! my pillowcase out of the elevator in the morning found that half an hour is not the waiter! computer services can also
  • littlelittle1
    Warm and comfortable
  • dyj_0535
    Overall OK,
  • junny0314
    Service is average and the outside of the window against the wall
  • leean777
    Hotel location is very good, very quiet ... like it.
  • Bluejune
  • caoyy88
    No Windows in the room was stuffy, very poor sound insulation, an unpleasant experience
  • llssd
    Magic hotel is really value for money questionable but also close to the attractions are less the number of days is acceptable
  • melody98
    Travel noise is so bad night sleep too fried will never live again
  • mm438
    This hotel is good, good health, the waiter was very helpful, key is near the Bund, our family has lived here for two days.
  • laorenwengycy
    Good, very near from Bund, for friend stay for travelers to Shanghai.
  • wangcdms
    Hotel location is good, to where are is convenient, away from Nanjing Road Street is near, walk 15 minutes, to Bund walk not to 5 minutes. Although is specials room also is somewhat your, no standard between only has big bed room, only for family a holiday live, we is online booking and different units of peer with live, open invoice Shi somewhat trouble, but live of is satisfaction.
  • jx_lxc
    Which is very nice
  • clover_snowcat
    Very good out
  • xiaopply
    Nice, going out is the Bund! room very clean, shower gel and shampoo is not marked!
  • linlinfu
  • alexandcc
    It wasn't too bad
  • tanfan
    Which is very nice
  • judy_1008
    Friends like
  • fantasylin_118
    Good location. prices not cheap. aging facilities.
  • emmermeer
    Location first-class, to Bund, Temple are not far. night at 9 o'clock more stay, immediately to Bund tours night, just people less. early up Temple eat nanxiang small cage package, Super your, queued got slaughter. family room two Zhang big bed, squeeze squeeze can live a three generations five mouth people, toilet has a super big of bathtub, accounted for space and useless, and door is transparent glass of, no curtain, not convenient. no parking, downstairs parking Super your. a late 60, over 8 points, each hours 15 Yuan,Cost 120 Yuan
  • ciaciajia
    Very poor room ventilation, musty is very heavy, very simple.
  • erictory
    Old house remodeling, is not suited to the pursuit of refinement of business people
  • wjs918
    Hotel didn't think well
  • blue bean
    Not very clean