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The Elegance Bund Hotel (Shanghai Yilanguisi Jiudian) is located near the Bund,  only about five minutes on foot.
Variously sized rooms are on offer by this Shanghai hotel. All rooms are equipped with 24-hour hot water,  international direct dial phones,  safes and fridges.
There is a Chinese restaurant and lobby bar for hungry guests.

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住客评论 3737条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • jealad
    Environment is not bad.
  • m01071755
    It's OK
  • e00840109
    We altogether two a room a standard between a big bed first standard between of design problem a door on can see toilet and shower between no private secret sex this standard between Super flower has window is equal to no window Windows cannot completely open and outside is a blocking wall all are is black of most hell of is outside has a machine equipment of room all day whole late rumble of are has noise fundamental sleep not with sleep also has is service of problem My friends want to make a boarding pass because of speed issues will not open Web pages impatient reply they had no way to ask the front desk even though you are not a business hotel doesn't solve the problem reply should have at least done the professionalism of the hotel we do not have to see and feel it! was disappointed ... ...
  • fafamouse
    Location is excellent, from the Bund to walk for 3 minutes, room environment, parking charge for the parking or no free parking in General is good, after all, good location
  • e03607252
    All right
    Nice good service, convenient health is also very good
  • mnbnbn
    Also, parking is very expensive, the hotel does not have its own car park
  • e02817495
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • e00002465
    Generally, next time you want to change the hotel
  • jay yin
    Hotel is very big and comfortable, the service is also very good, location was ideal!
  • carrie_byx
    Room is my favorite purple but too dark enough to light the room service was very good hotel there a fruit shop downstairs is very convenient convenience store good!
  • ananxunyi
    Very bad, but for the flight is late morning to never stay! room very small and the picture of the differences are large, online search is the four star hotel said it wrote on the Web site they have no star rating. smell in the room, bathroom was very poor sanitary conditions! will no longer stay!
  • e00779036
    It's OK
  • e02402388
    498 rooms smaller than 398, don't know what arrangement is not satisfactory
  • APPLE333
    Bathroom wash basin plug, but luckily I pass. toilet flush tank is broken and won't hold water after each flush, every time you need to manually in order to have water to flush the toilet.
  • loseow
    Very close to the Bund, is very convenient, good about everyone says stay here next time, hehe
  • Miranda00001
    Which is very nice
  • Domotolove
    Poor, poor sanitation, not worth the price
  • fuxubo73
    Hotel facilities General carpet is a little dirty, short bed, location, value for money was good
  • dragonflyting
    Boutique business with cheaper ordinary business rooms without distinction, the price is 200 Yuan, with the description of serious fraud
  • beisiyaya
    Ion lonely stranger stranger touch touch touch tone mixed garbage
  • O polished o
    That's good
  • niuniu050908
    Location good! the price in this location still can! couldn't ask for too high!
  • m01813464
    Close price is on the high parking charges also Bund room gas-tight
  • angelbread
    Overall a good environment, was very close to the Bund, far away from the Metro.
  • A Busy Man
    Good, very good location, facilities or something generic
  • angelandgod
    This hotel is I this tourism worst of hotel, carpet dirty, bathroom of water is slow only go, waiter of attitude also General, talk is choking, but this also has may is Shanghai people of culture. because we has two between room, they some will is money of beverage, list Shang wrote has 9 sample things, can we room only 7 sample things, because two between are as but live into hotel
  • dreamfly26
    The Lunar New Year holiday, many people, location is good, ordinary, just the same as Inn, expectations are too high do not recommend, and didn't eat out for breakfast
  • miu_miu_cool
    It wasn't too bad
  • dellxin
    Very satisfied, if not will be better at the end of the stairs.
  • e00780741
    Service attitude is good, location is nothing to say, everywhere
  • alexboard
    Very near from Bund, break easily, to YuYuan garden, take a ferry can walk. a break right, eat more convenient, is noisy at night, talk to someone outside. Nice, next time I go to also consider staying here
  • psspss11
  • annieliu1114
    Good, clean
  • tiffany_xiu
    Not good impact sound insulation can also rest is near the Bund
  • sanlulu
    So so
    Good location, convenient traffic. the room in good condition. Services and facilities.
  • birdgoo
    Health is not flattered, under all the hair
  • e02750770
    Good and cheap
  • bj_caijuan
    Breakfast, food was not found near! food goods choose!
  • pai311
    Decoration of the hotel features, like. easy to eat around, go to the Bund. go a little far from the tube ... but the next time you stay.
  • appleman
    Location is very good, is the conditions were generally
  • e00148574
    Good, good location, room
  • ilovefall
    Location is very good, in front of supermarkets and fruit shops and attractions are more convenient, the traffic is good; breakfast consists of the best self to self, the establishment of children's discount rooms, but some don't know. all in all, pretty good.
  • smart01
    Existing facilities is not worth the price
  • tav111
    Good, cheap and easy
  • airlong
    The hotel, the hotel is the worst I ever felt, more than 300 price below 100 experience. first pour scorn on the price to me at the front desk, I said; such a full House at such a low price?! Entering the room, smaller than a 7-day, and a toilet taste, I was sleeping in the bathroom all night feeling! reaction, promise, and then I eat supper back, found there was no handle! in addition to the location near the Bund, really a low-end hotel you!Really slept in the toilet you are experiencing, please enjoy this hotel!
  • bing123
    Very old hotel, a variety of light jumping Flash, TV snow, the most hated hot water not hot at all, how do people bathe in the winter. service is not active. boutique Queen room really not part of the 7 days, such as this.
  • laser0906
    Facilities pretty old cellophane are bad is not so poor as to make no change
  • offside
    And we think it's great. Good location. The environment is good. Inadequacy is that the bed is not charging