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The Elegance Bund Hotel (Shanghai Yilanguisi Jiudian) is located near the Bund,  only about five minutes on foot.
Variously sized rooms are on offer by this Shanghai hotel. All rooms are equipped with 24-hour hot water,  international direct dial phones,  safes and fridges.
There is a Chinese restaurant and lobby bar for hungry guests.

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住客评论 4077条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • airman_wu
    From the Bund, Nanjing Road pedestrian street and only a few minutes away ... very convenient, breakfast, cheap
    It's OK, not bad.
  • babylove8615
    All right
  • claudelwd
    Well, the environment is also very good, very close to the Bund and Nanjing Road pedestrian street
  • liyunxia2
    All good
  • lanlijy
    Convenient, nice
  • GrapeCity
    Location is good, it is slightly far away a little.
  • elegancyli
    Relatively good location, nice, next time you come to live here.
  • blue bean
    Not very clean
  • CFire
    That's good
  • feitain
    Position no hardware is also around this price too high cost performance
  • susan020
    Nice hotel, family room, very quiet
  • sdisney
    Good service, location away from the Bund
  • mimilovelimit
    Hotel is very tight, make do living night
  • dongyiwei666
    Around, away from the city, hotel facilities, more economical choice
  • erictory
    Old house remodeling, is not suited to the pursuit of refinement of business people
  • yadan9113
    Hotel health no, carpets were moldy.
  • YONI0322
    See comments has good has bad, also is have himself live live only know, location is compared good, just into lobby, feel also good, but to has room, only sigh tone son, General of three star hotel are than, wants to with also on live a late on forget, but noise effect also too poor has, little voice are can heard, whole late on didn't sleep practical, yihou to Shanghai certainly not again staying!
  • jsntgl
    Good location, convenient!
  • adasitu
    Very good! the benefits!
  • GuoJuan
    After going to Shanghai will choose here, not far from where, where is particularly convenient, the hotel is very clean, facilities are good, the family room is absolutely the best choice is to take the baby out
  • lifengwei
    This hotel was bad through has, set of when cheap of room type are no set, deliberately set of business room, thought room can good some, but road a into room see of is photos Shang of stories, was disappointed through has, but a open Windows on mad has, Windows is a device, open to maximum on like pictures Shang as, only open a sewing, outside not know with what to blocking Shang has, full days see not to Sun, in room inside not know points Bell, because has been dark, room of Windows reallyIs a maximum of failure, health conditions alone has, see pictures on can know has, front desk service very poor, room of socket many, but so that of on two a, we to wants to adjustable a room, was told room full has, room of noise effect also no said, without loud talk, next door talk, in himself housing in listening to of special clear, this hotel really not recommended!
  • julycloud
    Hotel in good location, go to the Bund, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, Cheng Huang temple are more than 10 minutes on foot, it is worth mentioning that, twin 135 m, a family of three lived very good, breakfast is simple, but great hotel facility slightly old.
  • abner00
    A very good environment
  • andyyeyey
    Hotels near the Bund, the traffic is very convenient. can walk around Nanjing Road. room was small, the bathroom door is made of transparent glass, there is not very good.
  • e01562864
    Not good, price is not worth
  • e02560439
    Really good location good quiet can
  • crystalmjt
    It is close to the Bund, not about 7 minutes! the restaurant is too small, only breakfast! is hard to find a restaurant near! accommodations can be, is the bathroom is transparent bathroom door glass, do outside can see, sometimes it's embarrassing!
  • L1173
    Location, very close to the Bund, 5 minutes walk to the River; on the subway between two stations, to Temple a 15-minute walk to the South, North to Nanjing Road for 15 minutes. What facilities are good, is a little expensive, but Shanghai is not cheap. Breakfast is the meal, not good, but cheap enough.
  • jenneferlin
    The location is good, near the Bund, but hotel facilities General
  • mu2yue
    Good choice, services and the environment
  • bing123
    This is I live of worst of room. into a unit pungent of evil smell. set of is business double bed, introduced said has 28 square meters, with this didn't so big. bathroom facilities crude have are didn't three star hotel,, metal pieces are embroidered adjustable has. in said said bed, lying in Shang spring are put people. most funny of is no parking, parking night 60, day 80. is failed of once accommodation
  • tyler_tan
    Bathroom sliding, window air conditioning hanging machine, quilts felt wet, no longer
  • ljx123456789
    On-line assessment, picture is wonderful, from the side of the Huangpu River to walk around for a few minutes, but just got here a little bit disappointed, because business travel, if it is a buffet tour!
  • E02701505
    Hotel is well located, within walking distance of the Bund, the City God Temple, Nanjing Road
  • linlinfu
  • e03790832
    Location, shopping eating easier. room was great, but I feel clean, service is good. the overall feel allright.
  • bing2008
    Taking into account the Bund on the edge of others you are out
  • forsuen
    Certainly of is this hotel lots very good, out of to seven or eight minutes is Bund has. around variety of convenience shop and restaurant also many. but hotel facilities too had old has, I staying of room that hair dryer machine actually also is bad of, Hey, TV also has several are is snow State of. breakfast is mini, asked you Chinese also is Western, not is is good, we a are didn't eat full. Word, except lots other only said barely's! I certainly not again set this hotel has, An increase in money
  • ensimu
  • miracle1980
    Basic satisfaction 2
  • cat19820418
    It's not bad
  • canny1356
    From the Bund's near, is to just get the taste of a dry taste and toilet
  • laodi2011
    Very good
  • missmiss
    Good location, 5 minutes away from the Bund and Nanjing Road walk, suitable for live uncensored friends, for other, more than 300 price, you cannot expect too much
  • clairefill
    Booking on behalf of clients, shopping and entertainment facilities.
  • Good Boy
    Honestly mini advantage is not very hard to find the entrance of the room in General was not far from the attractions are left and right next to the hotel is 10 minutes walking distance to the hospital
  • e03161882
    This is I live had worst of hotel, appearance looks does not poor, however a to room I on is disappointed, this is I with I girlfriend first times to Shanghai play, objective of evaluation following, a into room, is small, diffuse with a unit toilet of smell, no Windows, bed hard pillow no, outside not know is residents of corridor also is what, is noisy, bathroom was poor very has, I not know 380 of price how will appeared such of hotel, I is drunk has of, more said more gas, forget hasPhoto, if this is the Bund, hotels near all are like that, I have nothing to say, suggest that you stay away, but subway is also very convenient, chastened
  • ljp9292
    Although it is hidden in the alley behind the bustling Nanjing Road shopping district hotel, but because it is a newly renovated, so it feels nice, quiet, small lanes and do not have a flavor of old Shanghai, customers liked.
  • NF1095188617
    Poor waiter service, on the ground floor have a hair too late is not met on a business trip