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The Elegance Bund Hotel (Shanghai Yilanguisi Jiudian) is located near the Bund,  only about five minutes on foot.
Variously sized rooms are on offer by this Shanghai hotel. All rooms are equipped with 24-hour hot water,  international direct dial phones,  safes and fridges.
There is a Chinese restaurant and lobby bar for hungry guests.

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住客评论 3988条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • e04654315
    Nice hotel, nice
  • jxc_2003sg
    Hotel Nanjing Road, the Bund, City God Temple is so close and the rooms were nice, but a little small, and safe! nice! very convenient!
  • alcy_1
    Is on a business trip and stay, the room was too small, not ideal for General
  • CE618
    Convenient walk to the Bund hotel lobby just always a corner man for a long time to wait for a long time, you should increase the number of counters, room air conditioner doesn't work, is very hot, said no way to raise the temperature of the counter.
  • jeantang2009
    Still needs to be improved, a little unpleasantness
  • lxyleila
    It's not bad
  • android
    Feeling good in all aspects, is to find out feeling long after, followed by return direction only to find a metro station not far from also, haha.
  • a0977
    Hotel room is small the toilet has been turned off the bathroom door could not get rid of this room is not worth nearly 600 home prices
  • L Tangchaolizai T
  • wjs918
    Hotel didn't think well
  • axiaopp
  • e00732016
    1) General Hotel conditions, but health conditions are good, no bad smell in the room; 2) nice, Nanjing East Road Metro Line 2 900 meters, Guangdong quieter on the road; 3) around food, convenience store lot.
  • lavender1215
    Good, good, good, good.
  • alina9184
    From the Bund, very close to the temple, a 5-minute walk you can reach. hotels, buildings and facilities are comparatively old. because of work places in the vicinity, is very convenient.
  • AodeLiang
    Near Bund
  • yewu_t
    The only advantage is the location ... okay, lived on the fifth floor drain has strong flavour, car park, redevelopment of old buildings, narrow parking spaces it is difficult to stop, fees are very expensive.
  • E02503783
    Is the room very clean and comfortable, the devices are basically, near the Bund to book rooms at this price is really good, the Bund, Metro was very convenient.
  • dia_dia
    In addition to the location of the hotel, others are lackluster. even in Shanghai, the price is also very cost-effective. this life there is no next time.
  • dulenyue999
    Poor service attitude
  • lauratrip
    Except location is good of, nothing! first, hotel too old, bathroom of ceiling lamp rust have badly! wallpaper degumming! plastic floor also Alice up! bed side no socket, too not convenient! room in also has flies. Second, front desk service no any smile and courtesy terms, points of room is 2 floor, also no any indicates! morning check out also to queued waiting is long, compared around Han Chamber hotel of no obstacles away from shop, behind many! guest inWhen you check in, next to Uncle looked like security kept chiming in, the quality is too low! foreground wearing glasses, men who wear the black suit appears to be competent, not a little smile and polite expressions, deserve to be in charge?! Hotels in the renovation and reorganization of services!
  • grisu
    Bad service, air conditioning nor fo, shampoo, shower gel, nothing, repair air conditioning fought three times, but after four hours to come.
  • minnie823
    Environment is very general.
  • miss_garfield
    About a ten minute walk from the Bund and Nanjing Road, convenient travel. the ointment is toilet water slowly, staff said that was fine cause sewer pipes water full.
  • lplp3098009
    To 32 poor will never go to this clip joint
    Location is good, very close, and pedestrian travel. Unfortunately rooms, especially boutique Queen room, a little fall. room look a bit old, but overall pretty good.
  • laucici
    Service, sanitation, facilities were very disappointing, not for the second time
  • alexandcc
    It wasn't too bad
  • abcabc_abc
    Very comfortable, very convenient, hotel we must concern a week in advance, or you'll spend a lot of money.
  • godfly007
    To tell you the truth, most dissatisfied is that there is no parking lot, they came all the way over staying in a hotel, don't even have a parking, 140 for one night to pay parking fees, who's happy? toilet smell is too heavy, can't sleep at night ... will not come a second time.
  • image6588
    Metro station some distance to go, but want to go to the Huangpu district's near the main places worth to walk 10-15 minutes ... room was clean, but a little small, toilet door are transparent. but the window seems to be of Windows with laminated, a bit ugly ... ... Overall is good
  • Oo oO black eye
    Very convenient to Nanjing Road, prices keep pace with
  • BETTER888
    Very near from Bund, amenities, good location, Metro Station 15 minutes walk
  • bebeyuan
    Very good ... ... Friends will be very good!
  • aweiwei
    Location close to the Bund and Nanjing Road is very close, you can select services are particularly good
  • angrytime
    Also nice
  • morning2005
    convenient location near the Bund. Not much else to speak of. Barely passable hygiene, no service. Really bad decor more in line of a brothel
  • dearlily8427
    Location did not have to say oh, very close to the Nanjing Road, the environment is good!
  • joey133
    Room was a bit small but good location, go to the Bund and Nanjing Road has been very close!
  • annie1136
    Special room, no Windows, internal tides, gate road is a bustling, soundproofing is poor
  • liaidi
    Business trip to Shanghai will live here, is very comfortable
  • CS Wong
    Good, next to the preferred, good location
  • bati82
    Hotel is near the Bund, just 10 minutes walk away. many eating places around, very convenient. Hotel deep in the lane, in a quiet, decorated-style, very elegant room layout reasonably nearby eating convenient, about 10 minutes away from the Metro
  • snowbaby66
    Attitude giant poor, room is not good, money, money, money, money is all change! Samsung half smile, two stars have? within the so-called window, is this the right basement?
  • Narjae
    Go Beach health-but not high-cost performance is acceptable, services almost no network in less than
  • benson1981
  • Jijinmin
    Around environment certainly is select this hotel of primary reason, but does except environment also really of no other can praise of. doctrine lower is I compared pertinent of evaluation, specific of also on not more said has. can is a like home slightly grade high a points but facilities old of convenient hotel. Qian Office also is somewhat design style, this is only can somewhat pleased of. After all friends to received I Shi face Shang not too pass.
  • FLowerTP
    Good location, near the Bund, places such as Temple, sanitary conditions.
  • e00191833
    Price is too expensive, not worth lived not long after!
  • jaloma
    never have the room we book available always try give a worse room or a room with no window.
  • e00056602
    ? ?5? ?. ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?, 6? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?!