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HaoBaLian on nanjing road You play on nanjing road

Date: 2014-10-21

For many of the old Shanghai drama "under the neon lights of sentinel" familiar, the play was the people beating drums lined the liberation army into the city, the first red flag in yongan company on nanjing road scene may still fresh.Morning of October 18, the scene in the nanjing road, as the sixteenth session of Shanghai international arts festival in the opening game of the everyday, by SMG host cao kefan, Chen rong, he, o Zhang Minquan, yuka, dawn, Mao Wei etc garrison commands on nanjing road in Shanghai and actor HaoBaLian 100 soldiers of the people's liberation army, and by the community waist drum team, community chorus, dancing and huangpu district propaganda system propaganda cadre of young teachers and the masses actor together, jointly interpret environmental theater live-action version of the drama "under the neon lights of the sentinel", attracted many citizens and tourists.
Environmental theater live-action version of the drama "under the neon lights of sentinel" nanjing road in yongan company in front of the stage, the existing professional actors, and extras.At half past eight in the morning, played by garrison commands HaoBaLian on nanjing road in Shanghai of 100 officers and soldiers of the people's liberation army is neat, driving on the nanjing road, with the pace of vigorous received warm welcome by the people on both sides along the way.As heroic music sounded, a brand new red flag in the flag-raising - wing on department store building rising, immediately to the scene the cheerful atmosphere to a climax.
In the extras in the show, many are local community residents or work in nanjing road, to be able to take part in the play, honor and pride.
"Under the neon lights of sentinel" is Shanghai early liberation, the guard nanjing road closure by officers and soldiers to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the hard work and plain living, combating, standing in front of "sweet wind" story.51 years ago, the play since staged JiuYanBuCui, often do often new.This is the fourth version of across time and space, still let a person feel have realistic significance.