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Tourism real estate strong into the hotel industry

Date: 2014-08-13

Ten years, China's tourism real estate enter the hotel industry is becoming a hot spot of a people care about. For this phenomenon, the founder of the Chinese academy of social sciences tourism research center, says guang-rui zhang, director of the reputation of the real estate industry to enter the hotel industry is an old traditional European and American developed countries, America's most famous holiday inn, sheraton group and the group of the four seasons in Canada and Asia shangri-la group, its founder, started with from the real estate, in a long period of time from building hotels, business hotels earn the first bucket of gold, then gradually into the hotel operation and management, have created their own unique management pattern, opens up a new world.
Tourism real estate become property transformation of new opportunities
In China, before the reform and opening up, the hotel's investment in different forms of state-owned capital is given priority to, has been build from tube, for a long time, "heavy construction, light management" phenomenon is widespread.
After reform and opening up policy, fundamental changes have taken place in this tradition, especially the reform of the housing privatization stimulated the development of the real estate, its development speed is high for a long time, and then the state continuous stage policy to curb property development is out of control force some real estate enterprises to find new markets, state clearly as an emerging industry key support tourism into new areas of real estate industry choice, the emergence of a known as the "tourism real estate" new formats, therefore, it is a kind of chance and necessity. Some powerful real estate in expanding the so-called "tourism real estate", such as hotels and resorts at the same time, in the hotel accommodation facilities such as the management and operation, in their own business of real estate as a start, it is also a breakthrough.
Local hotel combined with real estate or to grope for the China model
Chinese academy of social sciences tourism research center special researcher wang jianmin argues that tourism real estate enter the hotel industry, may also have negative effects on the development of hotel, for example, some developers just want to wait for the hotel price appreciation, for hotel management is not it too much to heart.
Beijing second foreign languages institute China leisure said wei zifeng, director of the center for economic research, China's real estate, in the process of doing some real estate projects, accumulated some of the original experience, such as help foreign resort hotel construction, etc. For property developers halfway decent, if we can combine local hotels and real estate, may be able to shorten the gap with foreign hotel, quickly developed can even characteristic pattern in China.
Expert opinion
Accept the "output" management should be more cautious
Guang-rui zhang, founder of the Chinese academy of social sciences tourism research center, director of the reputation
Chinese hotel industry when accepting foreign brand "management output" should be more cautious, to fully consider their own needs, weigh the pros and cons, on the one hand, want to choose a real strength, sincerity for cooperation partners and good reputation, not only the pursuit of a "foreign" name for show; , on the other hand, to enhance their own strength and confidence, create own brand, create abroad development conditions and opportunities, this surge in Chinese citizens outbound tourism development of the situation is particularly important, or strategic.
But, as a major power of the hospitality industry, international brands and domestic brands symbiosis is required, mutual competition and cooperation can achieve complementary advantages, bring out the best in each other. In China, foreign investment and foreign hotel management group and Chinese, Chinese national hotel brand should maintain long-term coexistence, at the same time, in the world, China hotel brands should also enter the appropriate market, with overseas enterprise cooperation, forming a sometimes-complex mix-and-match I have you, in the new pattern of win-win cooperation.