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Shanghai wutong road dream don't wake up

Date: 2013-09-12

My childhood and youth, spent in jiangsu road, changning road, the subway was not yet, when the French phoenix tree on both sides of the road, and has been in today, has a redneck trunk, branches in the air "handshake". Under the shade, do not wake the dream...
In today's jiangsu road intersection, jiangsu road subway station. From jiangsu road, like back to an era. The French phoenix tree, the slightly narrow, road those old house, the old streets, and the century-old school together, build a dream memories. But the reality is such as to wash the years, when the sun shines on the building curtain wall glass, reflected dazzling light repeatedly, it seems that nothing had happened...
Don't dream west park
"Xu passed away." One day in 2006, my grandmother an obituary looked at evening newspaper advertising, said to me.
"Who is he?" I asked.
"In 1948, he gave our family a gold top house, near the zhongshan park, fool park road west park apartment. There has been no contact later." Grandma said flatly.
Today, my grandma has passed away for several years. Two days ago I passed the road west of the west park apartments, come forward to ask the security guard: "the eight floors of the house, have elevator?" Guard ye uncle authentic from Shanghai. He said: "of course there is. You know what time the house build? 1928. At that time the residential building oh, have the elevator!" I look at the gate of the nameplate - "west park apartments, 1396 road, was built in 1928, designed by Russian ShangXie lung foreign firm, apartments for the simple English. Beijing Opera art home auspicious lingya, TongZhiLing once lived here..." And liberation modeled on eight floors style, in all fools garden road built six public house, physical than west park apartments. West park apartments that meniscus type of roof of the balcony, windowsill decorative pattern and so on, all with delicate.
When I want to leave west park apartments, old man who has coincided with a tweed jacket, riding a phoenix bicycle, 28 inches to the past, to the security of the younger brother about his eyes. Listen to the words, it is one of his old friend XXX, once lived here, I don't know now in?
Don't dream vaguely, west park still, even if the changning cinema near closed for many years, even if a us computer stores as well as waste, the west park lane iron door of the apartment, still open in the morning and lock in the middle of the night, day after day, night after night...