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Sea dream, Shanghai customs party tonight at the peace hotel

Date: 2013-08-31

In Shanghai port on the 170th anniversary of approaching, sponsored by the magazine in Shanghai maritime flirtation with Shanghai customs party tonight at the peace hotel, more than 200 Chinese and foreign guests attended the event.
In November, when the 170th anniversary of the formal opening of its port of Shanghai. Last century 20 or 30 s, is the important phase in the formation of a Shanghai local culture, along with the establishment of the position of the first metropolis of the far east, Shanghai deservedly become the fashion capital of China, the latest fashion trends from this origin, log in, then formed by many of the Shanghai style culture symbols have been delayed until now. To tie in with the continuation of this fashion culture, July issue of the journal of valued in Shanghai launched "1930 Shanghai amorous feelings" feature.
"In Shanghai" is a focus on culture, design, tourism and high-end luxury bimonthly, formerly known as the 2010 Shanghai world expo the only official journal "journal of world expo guests. As was born in Shanghai in the first book of high-end/English bilingual magazine, the issue has been extended to the Yangtze river delta region.