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"Shanghai" on the tip of my tongue play forte KunYu international

Date: 2013-09-11

The overture "pattern time, cheongsam fragrance", in the second quarter, "forte parliaments, night" sensation after the star city, autumn in September, forte KunYu international trilogy of the Shanghai style culture experience ultimate chapter "Shanghai" on the tip of the tongue at last. On September 7, forte KunYu international mall bund shiliupu, Michelin three-star chef James Chen in Shanghai, but the hotel chef gave a "soup soup thick, light simple but elegant, thick oil red sauce" principals of Shanghai style food feast, to satisfy the picky taste buds enjoy changsha people.
Activities on the same day, forte KunYu international invited Michelin three-star chef Chen Zhijian, Shanghai luxury western food. The scene, he cooked three valuable rare dishes: Australian lobster, mushroom paradise, kobe beef. Hundreds of audience members view at the same time, of which six lucky visitor is pumped in article also try to eat, big full the luck to eat STH delicious.
In addition, the organizers of the "air" of the city god temple in Shanghai to changsha, all kinds of characteristics snacks everything: nanxiang steamed bun, Shanghai spring rolls, sheng jian bao, whose garden of osmanthus fragrans, duck blood soup fans; Changsha local snacks, of course, Fried stinky tofu, pig blood sesame seeds oil, sugar, oil BaBa, cold noodles, taste shrimp flavor, etc., also let everybody call again.
It is reported, forte KunYu international "bund shiliupu" the mall in September will be a grand opening, as the May Day commercial circle full street shops, estuary metro subway is bound to bring about a new round of investment boom.